Saturday, August 1, 2009

Becca & Jeff's Wedding

What do you get when you cross an overworked, stressed, too much to do, mom with a broken foot for the better part of the summer, and trying to cram in a lot of activities during the last three weeks before school starts, with a person who doesn't have their own computer? You get someone who hasn't blogged in 6 weeks or so! ME! :)

We had a fabulous time driving down to the Pismo Beach area for my sister-in-law Becca's wedding. The event took place July 26th - and it was absolutely perfect. The Gardens at Peacock Farms are so beautiful, and the owner, Jessica, did an amazing job with the flowers and coordinating the wedding. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the event.

This was the first time I'd seen "unity sand" instead of a unity candle... very neat idea, and as one friend pointed out, a much better visual for the couple sticking together - unlike a candle flame that can burn out or be blown out.

Super cute boys - this is my nephew, Jude, and Jeff's nephew, Vinny

My niece, Hannah, reading from The Love Chapter, 1 Corinthians 13

I thought this was neat - both Mom & Dad walked Becca down the aisle

My husband and girls, along with Grandpa Parker

So beautiful - and scrumptious too! All I know is that the baker was a lady from Paso Robles, CA. The chocolate cake had fudgy filing, and was delicioso! The bottom layer had white chocolate with raspberry, I think.

My mom, sister-in-law Megan, and her daughter, Hannah

The girls with Daddy and Uncle Ben

The fountain is just one of the many places available for portraits at The Gardens

Handsome Jude

This is a pic of my most amazing in-laws. Mom & Dad Parker are simply THE BEST! Too bad they live thousands of miles away! I know the Lord will bless them, though, as they are serving as missionaries to the island of Malta. (Along with several other countries which were added to their job in the last year or so).

This picture is for my friend, Sonia. This is Aida, Jeff & Becca, and Aida's daughter, Cat. They are long-time friends of Sonia (a mutual friend), and Aida helped me book our hotel room for the stay - which was a miracle, since all of the hotels in the entire area were booked completely due to the Pismo Beach car show that weekend.

This is my absolute favorite shot of the wedding - I stole the idea from their phenomenal photographer, Sam Hassas. You can check out his amazing portrait artistry here.

The flowers were so gorgeous! And these arrangements in the urn were actually free. They were left over from a wedding the evening before, and Jessica, the flower-artist, and host of the Gardens, removed the purple flowers and put pink ones in their place for Becca's wedding.