Sunday, November 23, 2008

Indian Girl Staci

Each Friday at Faith Christian Academy, the children enjoy "chapel." Every week one of the grades performs a little poem, skit, or song. Mrs. Riddlesperger's Kindergarten class performed last Friday.

They recited the following poem:

Who’s that peeking from the teepee?
Who’s that in the canoe?
Who’s that with the bow and arrow?
Who has the deerskin shoes?
Who grinds the corn to make the cornbread?
Who rides horses wild?
Who can spear a fish in the water?
Why, it’s the Indian child!

I put Staci's hair in "Indian braids" and had her wear her "deerskin shoes" my mom had bought her to go with her Indian costume at our church Harvest Festival. Isn't she an adorable "blonde headed Indian?"

Big Sister Shauna enjoys Grandma Rozana being at chapel to see Staci perform
and gets her picture taken as well


becca said...

Wow...Staci looks so much like Megan. Cute pictures.
Love, Aunty Becca


Grandma & Grandpa Parker in Malta loved the pix of the girls! Thanks for sharing them!

MysticsKryten said...

your lil' blonde indian was adorable!!! too cute!!