Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Old Sacramento & Photography

Again - it's been a long time since I've blogged - I'm issuing another "sorry" to my readers. :) Also, I owe a big apology to my dear friend, Staci (yes, my baby's namesake). In the 100th time I tried to post my last blog post, I neglected to mention how wonderful Staci was in visiting me, helping me assemble a jigsaw puzzle, and bringing me much-needed reading materials for when I was first down with the broken foot. Staci you are a terrific true friend - and I'm sorry I skipped over you on my last post.

Here's today's new post:

After seeing the amazing pictures that were taken for my sister-in-law Rebecca and her fiance Jeff at Hassas Photography I was inspired to try my hand at getting "new" shots of my girls instead of the 'same-ol, same-ol'.

We headed to Old Sacramento to see the traveling Disney's A Christmas Carol train (that was the reason for the girls, but my reason was to take pictures. ) When we got to Old Sac, the girls weren't all that interested in the Disney thing ... Shauna's main concern was whether or not she'd get to go to a museum. She wanted to go to the Railroad Museum (which train buffs have told me is one of the best in the nation) or the Schoolhouse Museum. Since we'd been to the train museum before, and the schoolhouse museum was free, we chose the schoolhouse.
The girls were both enthralled with the "teacher." She is a teacher by occupation, but Staci didn't grasp the time concept, and asked if she really taught "way back then"

I love this flag salute - and that it proclaims the truth - One God!
Staci does "okay" on writing her name
Shauna can write her name in cursive very well.
I'm proud of my first-grader - she is an excellent reader! "Class, turn to page 37" she told those in attendance at the museum.
And, here are my "Hassas-type" photos of the girls:

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