Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My 50th Post ~ Walgreens Scenario

As my family will tell you, I've been having LOADS of fun loading up on free toothbrushes and other stocking stuffers at Walgreens this month. Here's my scenario from last night's shopping trip:

Buy 1 Oral B toothbrush that's on sale for $4.49 - pay $4.84 out of pocket, and receive a $4.50 Register Rewards coupon

Then, in your next transaction, purchase the following October Easy Saver Rebate items:
2 Glade Plugins Scented Gel Warmers (use BOGO printable coupon) - on sale this week only for $1.99
2 Glade Plugins Scented Gel Refills (use two 55 cent printable coupons)- on sale this week only for $1.99
$ 8.58 with tax
$ (3.09) minus Glade coupons
$ 5.49
$ (4.50) minus toothbrush coupon
$ 0.99 OOP

$ 5.83 total paid for toothbrush and items
$ (4.00) rebate : Plus, I get my rebate on the gift card, for the 10% incentive, so I'll actually get $4.40 back in rebates, and only pay $1.43 out of pocket for all of the items.
$ 1.83 OOP after rebate for all items

Besides getting the toothbrushes for stocking stuffers, I've als o been loading up on household items to give my sister a huge gift basket for her upcoming wedding. Between her gift basket and the stocking stuffers, I'm having a ton of fun getting a lot of stuff for a little price.

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MysticsKryten said...

Rhonda - I think I need to come go shopping with you. I can't seem to get it figured out,.... lol. I just not need to go to the store. SUch as tonight, I went to go get hairspray. came out with hairspray, listerine, a b-day present that was forever ago (lol) and rockstar... guaranteed it was things i need... however, i'm sure i coulda used a coupon somewhere... right?!?! sheesh. oh well.