Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Puzzles ~ My "Rhonda Time"

A dear friend of mine recently asked me if I ever have "Rhonda time." At the time, the answer was no. I have since begun to work on puzzles quite frequently (which I think is a minor annoyance to my husband...) I told him he could help me work on them, but he wasn't too keen on the idea. My mom has been my biggest helper, although the girls like to help.

This puzzle was HARD! Many of the inside pieces looked like edge pieces, due to the round shape.

I love this one - it's a collage of old Hershey's ads/wrappers. It states "MORE SUSTAINING THAN MEAT" and the other one below states "A Meal in Itself." Ha Ha!!! I think those were from the 1940s.

The bad thing is that with my frugality, I buy almost all of my puzzles from thrift stores and Goodwill. Many times they are missing 1 piece... which is very frustrating... but I always like to think of it as a visual reminder that we all have a piece inside of ourselves that is empty and can only be filled by Jesus Christ and His spirit living within us.

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