Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update on Me and My Attitude (and a Broken Foot)

Dirt road leading to the trail - I love the beautiful blue sky!
The start of our ride ~ this trail is really neat; over 30 miles long with many different access points

New friends: Sheldon, Alex, Tristian & Katti

Me and my beautiful daughter Shauna. She wasn't too thrilled about being near the river and not able to go into the water (we didn't have any life jackets with us)

Documenting her "first solo ride" on the trail

My sweet Shauna doesn't like her helmet, but hey, it's the law!

Some of you may have been wondering why I've been moody/depressed lately, and why I haven't felt like posting much. Well, it all has to do with MY BROKEN FOOT. That's right. On Saturday, May 30, Shauna and I went to the American River Bike Trail with a family from church. It was a glorious day - perfect weather, good company, a nice little breeze; it was wonderful. This was my first time being on the bike trail in about 3 years, and Shauna's first time riding on the trail, as the last time I went, she was pulled in the bicycle trailer behind me. I was so proud of Shauna! She did not complain about being tired or her legs hurting the entire time we rode - and the most she'd ever ridden before that day was about 1/2 a mile to the school down the street from our house.
We rode about four miles, and were debating amongst ourselves whether or not we should continue on to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, which would have been about another mile or so east. I joked that I didn't know if I'd have the energy to make it all the way back, and that we'd have to send Alex (the husband in the family from church) back to the truck to come get us. We decided to head back west on the trail. After only about a half-mile into our trek back, I sped up as I approached a hill, and went to pass Alex's seven-year-old son on the left. Unfortunately, his bike wheel decided to turn to the left at the same time, and as our wheels touched, a crash was imminent. I veered my bike to the left so as not to fall on Sheldon, and then fell off on the right side of my bike, my right foot twisted inward, and then my overweight body landed on my foot. I immediately knew it was broken. Since Sheldon was understandably terrified (his left ankle was a little bruised and minorly sprained), I just sat on the bike trail and tried to take deep breaths and keep myself calm. It was just a freak accident; nobody's fault - just something that happened. The funny thing about it is that I was trying to avoid riding close to my own child, as she was a little wobbly. :) Anyway, Alex did end up going back to get the truck. We had to ride about another half-mile to get to the vehicle access lot, so I got back on my bike and pedaled with my left foot. I guess I could have been a DRAMA QUEEN and freaked out myself and called 9-1-1 to have the paramedics come carry me off the trail, but that's just not in my nature. HA HA!
Immediately I was very thankful - because things could have been so much worse. As we were heading east on the trail earlier in the day, there were very many serious cyclers on the trail. However, at the time of our accident, heading west, there was no one on the trail behind us for a good 5 minutes or so. I was also thankful because Alex had a big enough truck that he was able to get us all and then he drove us back to where we had parked, and Katti drove me home while Alex drove my truck home. Then, Alex went to his house and brought me by some crutches so that my husband Matthew could take me to the ER. When we got home around 3, I told Matthew to go ahead and do his errands because it didn't matter if we went to the ER at 3 or at 6 pm, because it always takes forever (like a 3 hour wait) at the ER if you aren't seriously dying. Here I had another reason to be thankful, we were able to get in touch with my mom and my sister, so they watched the girls for us while we went to the hospital. When we got to the ER, there was practically no one there! Kaiser had some sort of fast track process, and we were in and out of the hospital within one hour (x-rays, splint, and everything). I was really amazed and thankful.
I hate to admit this, but unfortunately my thanks did not last very long. I am not a homebody, and I'm a melancholy personality, so being unable to drive has been very taxing and depressing. I am on day 19 of this injury, and although I still have pain and am unable to put weight on my right foot, I'm actually doing okay physically, but not so swell mentally and emotionally.
I think what depressed me the most about this whole situation is the timing of the event (Shauna feels I've ruined her summer plans as I nixed the Disneyland trip for the end of this month and we won't be able to go to a water park any time soon) and the fact that it seems like I'm having a very hard time exercising.
In March I decided it was about time I put some emphasis into working out and losing weight. I went back to Curves after a long absence and went for about 3 weeks. In mid-April, my back went out. The pain was so bad that I went to the chiropractor for the first time in my life, even though I was terrified. This put me out of commission regarding exercise for about one month. I had been feeling great for about one week before the bike ride, and thought what great exercise this would be. I envisioned myself riding weekly and losing a lot of weight. :) Well, so much for that great plan. HA HA!
I know that there is a purpose to everything and I'm trying to maintain a positive attitude. I appreciate all of your prayers in this situation.


Neabear said...

Thanks for visiting me. It is nice to meet fellow CA bloggers. I have met a few now. I noticed from your profile that you are a Church treasurer. My hubby was that for a few years and now he is starting that job again. The blocks I am making will be a Christmas Quilt. The BOM pattern is called A Christmas Wish. Designed by a blogger in Australia. I am attempting to make 8 of them for Christmas gifts. In my side bar I am keeping track of how far I am. Just tonight I finished another cross Stitch card. The one for my granddaughter. Today is her birthday. So she will get it late. I posted about her birthday on my main blog.

I was amused at your comment about the purple fabrics to match your purple cast. My daughter chose purple for her arm cast when she was still in high school. She graduated 7 years ago. I can't believe how old my kids are.

Thanks again for visiting. Hope to visit you again soon.

BECKY said...

Oh Sweetie, I am so sorry to hear about your broken foot!! I understand just how you feel. I, too battle some excess weight and many times have had some injury hold me up from my exercise regime.
It drives me nuts, but like you, I try to keep it in perspective.

You will get back on your feet before long and be able to go and do again. I've learned to ask God to show me anything He might want me to learn from it so maybe it can be over sooner. Remember...even the weight His time.

Love, hugs and prayers, gal,

P.S. I put you in my prayer journal and will pray for you regularly, sweetie!!

Jess said...


This is Jess from Jewels For The Journey. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.
I'm so sorry about your foot!
I'll pray for a quick and joyful recovery. I know the summer is a terrible time to be immobilized. I've been through many a recovery from joint replacement, etc.
Where in Texas do you hail from?
My family spent over 2 years in Austin.
Lifiting you up before the Father!

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