Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jude!

Today is my nephew's birthday ~ he's one year old! Last year I was so excited to have a new little one and a cousin for my girls when baby Jude was born. Then my brother and sister in law decided they had to move to the beautiful San Diego area, and so now I have to be satisfied with seeing pictures of him instead of actually spending quality time with him. The time has passed so swiftly since we last saw him when he was three months old. Hopefully when he's older and will actually remember us, we can make it down there to celebrate his birthday with him.

We love you Ben & Timea and the girls miss their baby cousin, Jude.

Happy First Birthday, Little Guy!

Love, Auntie Rhonda, Uncle Matthew, and cousins Shauna & Staci

This picture was my second attempt, which includes some items that I found while searching for baby boy birthday scrapbook ideas. I borrowed the "Celebrate" tag from The Avid Scrapper
and the other items were found just searching the internet.

Below is my first attempt at digital scrapbooking a birthday card/page for Jude. I like the second attempt much more than the first.

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