Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Patriot Day Prayer

I found this on the Presidential Prayer Team website.

by Rev. Greg Asimakoupoulos

Seven years? Already? Wow! The time has flown and yet somehow
they’ve coined a day to call to mind an unseen enemy.

Today we think of those who died in a Pennsylvania countryside
and those perished in New York as well as in D.C.

We honor those who lost their lives whose friends and families were deprived
of spouses, children, moms and dads…because of terrorists.

Lord, thank you for these patriots, for firefighters, heroes, cops.
For average folks who had no clue that day would be their last.

Please comfort families who still grieve and grant them faith so they’ll believe
their loved ones did not die in vain but left a legacy.

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MysticsKryten said...

Rhonda - this is awesome! I try to honor those that lost their lives on this day in history.