Monday, December 29, 2008

How To Be An Overcomer

There are two things that make children of God overcomers: 1) the blood of the Lamb; and 2) the word of our testimony.

The blood of the Lamb: Jesus Christ was the Lamb slain for the sins of the world, and his blood that was shed at Calvary is the only thing in the Christian’s walk of life that cannot be compromised. Doctrine can be compromised, holiness standards can be compromised, but the work of the cross can never be compromised. If we will forgive those who hurt us, and allow the cross to work in our lives, we will continue to grow in our walk with God. If we do not practice mercy, grace, and forgiveness, but focus instead on our hurt, and the offense, we will instead become bitter – which only hurts ourselves.

The word of our testimony: this is appropriate and proper speech.. saying positive things, rather than negative, and praising Jesus rather than complaining about our problems.

We say "I forgive you, but..." don't let it happen again... and we somehow choose not to forget the offense.

However, God tells us all the time … “I forgive you,”… and His mercy endureth forever.

I’m so thankful that God does not stop his mercy and grace, because he has certainly extended it to us far more than we deserve it. A preacher once stated the following: Grace is getting from God what we don’t deserve and mercy is not getting from God what we do deserve. May we always be thankful for the mercy and grace and unconditional love that we receive from Christ Jesus, and may we present ourselves a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable service.

The next time you are hurt or dealing with the offenses and disappointments of life, remember Revelation 12:11, and think of how many times the Lord has been disappointed. Let's allow the cross to work in our lives by forgiving others and extending mercy and grace to them, and let us speak positive words and praises to Jesus, so that He will not be disappointed in us.

Have a blessed day!

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