Tuesday, December 16, 2008

There is a Christ in Christmas

Each week I receive an e-newsletter from the Sunday School Teacher's Network. The following appeared today, and I wanted to post it here so more could read this beautiful poem.

This is a poem that was written for a local newspaper. It was written by Renee' Grochowski from Ishpeming, MI, submitted with her approval by Jody Larmour of Ishpeming, MI.

If you use this in your Christmas celebrations, please give Renee' the credit, as she worked very hard to put this poem together. Thank you, and Merry CHRISTmas!!!

Here I sit with a heavy heart,
As a tear rolls down my cheek.
In front of me lay 6 inserts
From the newspaper this week.
All so colorful and bright,
Yet not one of them shows evidence
Of that Holy Night.
They advertise of Christmas toys
And gifts to give away.
There is no mention of the “Christ Child”
Born that special day.
There are no offers of stars so bright
To sit upon a tree.
No manger scenes to remind us
Of what Christmas really means.
Words like “Nativity” and “First Noel”
Are absent from the page
While Santa and his reindeer
Enter center stage.
Christmas lists and crowded malls
Seem to steal our time
While anxious thoughts and second guessing
Fill our hearts and minds.
Always busy, always running
Until there’s just no place
For drummer boys and angels
That once hovered near His face.
Oh, those of us who truly know
The reason for our Joy
Repeat the story of Christ’s birth
To every girl and boy
So that the memory and the meaning
Live on and not be lost.
The gift to celebrate and share this truth
Was bought for everyone
At a very high cost.

Renee Grochowski
Ishpeming, Michigan

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