Friday, December 19, 2008

It All Happened in the Country

It all happened in the country, in a little country town

Country foks and farmers gathered all around

They gave a country "Howdy" to a little country boy

Momma's little angel, Heaven's pride and joy.

Last night was the girls' school Christmas play through Faith Christian Academy. They were asked to dress up country/pioneer/prairie-ish, and Shauna insisted that she I make her a costume. I searched the thrift stores, and came up with several western/countryish shirts, but could not find a dress. I had a simple pattern for a sunbonnet, so I ended up making her (and several other) a sunbonnet and an elastic waist skirt. Her teacher said she looked just like Holly Hobbie. Shauna doesn't know who that is, both girls thought they were dressed like Laura Ingalls.

I lucked out and found Staci's outfit at Mervyn's. Although it came with a hat, it wasn't a bonnet, and Grandma Rozana insisted Staci have a pink bonnet. Since I had no pink cotton fabric in my enormous fabric stash, she went to JoAnn's Wednesday night and bought pink and white cotton fabric. Staci's pink bonnet was adorable, if I say so myself... I was surprised that Staci liked the outfit, as it is really girly, but she was so excited that she looked like Laura.

In the car on the way home last night, I told them how proud I was of my two little princesses, and they both said, at the same time, "not princesses, country girls!"

Here's some pics of my two little country princesses.

Country Princess Shauna
Country Princess Staci

Staci & Mrs. Riddlesperger ~ Awesome Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Massey & some 2nd Grade Girls: Shauna, Tayler, Angelina, Kayla

Shauna & Mrs. Massey ~ Awesome Second Grade Teacher

Alaysia, Tayler, & Brianna. Alaysia is wearing one of the bonnets I made

Staci being ornery, she wouldn't smile, so I said "don't smile," which meant she smiled, but she did not want me to get a picture of her smiling. This is Staci's PERSONALITY!

Staci, Tayler, & Shauna, all wearing sunbonnets sewn by yours truly

Shauna had a special singing part at the end of the play. Caleb, did too, but I can't believe it ... I failed to get a picture of Shauna & Caleb together last night.... that's a first.
Also, in this picture, notice the adorable angel Ashlee McDermott.

The Bible Christmas Story ~ what Christmas is all about.

Country princesses Shauna & Kayla in the bonnet of white fabric from Grandma Rozana


Victoria said...

Your kids look so adorable! You did a good job on the outfits.

Mom said...

Shauna and Staci look sweet as usual! (of course, being their grandma may make me a little biased!) Mom

MysticsKryten said...

Your little prarie country princesses are adorable!!


Mariah said...

Wow, you made those bonnets, Rhonda, what a great job. They looked so cute in those outfits.