Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Things About Me

1. I always try to back in to a parking space so it's easier to pull out. I always do this at work or church. Or, if there are two empty parking spaces parallel to each other in a parking lot, I'll pull forward to the other side.

2. My church is my life.

3. I miss my relatives who live far away, and wish they lived closer. I feel bad that my girls don't get to spend time with their cousins.

4. My hair has never been permed or dyed. In addition, it's been uncut for most of my life (about 27 years).

5. I love to sing and "shout to the Lord." One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Psalm 100:1 - Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands.

6. I like to search and the Strong's Concordance. "Make a joyful noise" is also found in 6 other psalms.

7. I am very opinionated. And stubborn. And hard-headed. Many times I have to learn a lesson "the hard way."

8. I'm so thankful for God's unending mercies and unconditional love.

9. I've recently become addicted to facebook.

10. I have a fondness for fast food and eat too much.

11. I like to exercise, but don't seem to "make the time" to do it.

12. I like to play sports, but am not very good, so I'm usually too shy to do it.

13. In high school I joined the cross-country team so that I could get a "sports" letter for the letterman's jacket I never bought.

14. I really like to eat dark chocolate. A lot. I don't care much for white chocolate - brings back memories of a fourth-grade incident at a friend's birthday party = ate too much of the stuff, and haven't cared for it much since.

15. I became the baseball scorekeeper when I was a sophomore in high school because I had a crush on one of the players.

16. I don't like movies, and can't stand it when that's all kids want to talk about - especially in Sunday School.

17. Acts of service is my love language. Please don't say you appreciate me - show me. Buy me lunch (or a bag of chocolate).

18. I love to sing in choirs, and wish that some church people weren't so condescending toward those who aren't blessed with a great singing voice. I believe the point of a church choir is to magnify and exalt Jesus, and He will anoint and make a beautiful harmony.

19. I like to attend baseball games, but not without a scorebook.

20. Scrabble is one of my favorite games; but I like to play most any thing. I really like word games, and used to play Boggle with my mom a lot. I'm not good at trivia. I like to win, but think I'm a pretty good loser and have good sportsmanship. I don't like to play Monopoly (or Triopoly).

21. I don't consider myself a computer junkie, but I can waste too much time surfing the internet.

22. My mom recently told me I have ADD because I'm always starting a bunch of projects, but don't seem to finish too many.

23. When I get a notion to do something, I go all out. For example, my current relaxing past-time is working jigsaw puzzles - so every time I go to the thrift store I'm looking for more. I've probably bought 16 puzzles in the last two weeks.

24. I'm a pack-rat, and I love Christmas decorations. Everything in the garage is mine, and about 50 percent of it is Christmas stuff.

25. I love to bargain shop. I'm not into brand names - Although I love anything patriotic and the colors red, white, and blue - I try not to buy Tommy Hilfiger just because of the principal of not buying brand name stuff.

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