Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Matthew & Frugal Birthday Posters

Yesterday was Matthew's birthday, but with all of the extra work we've been putting in for our drama practice, I did't get to plan the kind of birthday celebration that I wanted to. I would like to share just a few ideas for frugal birthday celebrations that we used.

From the Dollar Store, we purchased a world map and a foam poster board sheet, along with a helium balloon and one of the small plant balloons.

I was so proud of Staci and how great she is doing at school. I told her to write "Happy Birthday to the Best Daddy in the World." I then proceeded to give her the spelling, and she said "no - I know how to spell it!" And she did - she did a great job. Here are the pictures of the special birthday posters the girls made. Shauna was especially proud of her "smiley face" balloon she drew.

Although not quite so frugal, we also celebrated by going to dinner at Black Angus. We used the certificate from The Prime Club through Black Angus to get Matt's steak dinner free. He's also gotten a lot of other great birthday freebies through Free Birthday Treats. Check it out if you haven't done so already.

For the extended family, here are some pics of the girls and Daddy.

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Thanks for sharing the birthday photos!
I love the posters!
Tell the girls they did a great job!
With love from Grandma Parker