Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Burger-Day from Red Robin

We very rarely go to Red Robin because it's so expensive. Since I signed up for my Free Birthday Treats I received my "Happy Burger-Day email from Red Robin." With that email, I would receive a free gourmet burger of my choice for free; no additional purchase was required. I also have my free birthday meal coupon from Rubio's - this one is not on the list at Free Birthday Treats, so if there are any other restaurants that you like to eat at, be sure to check if they have an e-mail club you can join. So, yesterday after church, my sister asked me if we were going out to lunch, and I said either Red Robin or Rubio's. I wish you could have been in the car with me - both girls were screaming "no, we don't want to go to Red Robin - it's too expensive! I'm not eating there!" I finally told them to hush, and if they wanted, they could "go home and eat toast and water." "Fine, we'll go to Red Robin."

It is expensive! :)

Here's what we ended up ordering:
Shauna - kid's pepperoni pizza meal with melon slices (she received two slices of cantaloupe; of which Staci wanted to steal one).
Staci - kid's hamburger with mandarin orange slices. I kid you not, there were probably only 6 slices in her little condiment cup. (This kid can eat a whole can of fruit if she wants to). The kid hamburger consists of bread and patty; Staci said she didn't want lettuce and tomato; so she got it plain. Then, she only ate the meat patty. Shauna's pizza was a lot more food compared to Staci's - if we ever go back, I won't let her order the kid's burger next time.
I got the California chicken burger that comes with bacon and guacamole. The guacamole was spciy! :) I am a wimp when it comes to spicy, so I wasn't quite expecting that. :)
I also ordered a DietCoke, which tasted flat - I should have just ordered water.

This was our bill:
Soda $2.39
Rad Beef $4.59
Pizzeria Pizza Pepperoni $4.79
CA Chicken Burger $9.79
BDayBGeclub (9.79)
Subtotal $11.77
Tax $1.03
Total Balance Due $12.80

While we were eating, our server surprised me with singing, a balloon, and a hot fudge sundae (of which the girls fought over the strawberry on top). If we had ordered the sundae, that would have been an additional $2.99 charge.

I always want to leave a good example for my kids and leave a good tip. I know that you're supposed to tip on coupon amounts, so I got out my cell phone and calculated what a 20% tip would be if my burger wasn't free. It came out to $4.32; so I left a $5 tip.

So, all told, I spent $17.80. If we'd been charged for the birthday burger and sundae, the total out of pocket would have been $32.00 ~ do you see why I think Red Robin is expensive?!

NOTE: If I'd gone by myself, and ordered a soda, I would have spent $5. If I just had water, I could have gotten by with just a $2 tip.

I was pleased with how well this photo turned out ~ you can see my pink birthday balloon in the background.

I love the USA, I'm very patriotic, and I like baseball "America's past-time" - so this baseball flag was one of the highlights of the restaurant.

The girls both really like the Statue of Liberty with the burger! We had to ask another little girl to move so that we could take this picture - I felt bad, and I offered to take a picture of the girl and email it to her mom, but she declined.

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