Monday, July 28, 2008

I’m in the Lord’s Army

Here are some additional verses I found on

A different American version
I may never march in the infantry,Ride in the Calvary,Shoot the Artillery,I may never fly over land and sea,But I'm in the lord's Army.

Mexican Version
I may never take a trip to Mexico, Ride a donkey oh so slow, eat a cheesy taco, I may never wear a big sombrero, but I'm in the lords army, Si señor!

Space style
I may never blast into outer space (kneel down and jump up in the air)
Shoot a laser any place (shoot imaginary laser gun)
Win in a rocket race (hold left hand out and clap right hand on it while continuing to extend right hand up pointing into space like a liftoff)
I may never walk on the moon in space (take small steps and say 'walk on the moon in space' in deep slow voice like an astronaut sounds in his space helmet)
But I'm in the Lord's Army! Roger, sir! Roger, sir!

I may never surf to Hawaii, Pick a coconut off a tree, Smell a flower, oh so sweet.,I may never fish in the deep blue sea But I'm in the Lord's Army!
Aloha! (Stretch out the word Al-o-ha and do the hula)

I may never go to Africa, Be a Safari guide, Go on an elephant ride, I may never shoot me a Rhino Hide, But I'm in the Lord's army! Yes sir!

Pirate style
I may never swab up the poop deck, Sail over the seven seas, Shoot out the cannons, I may never find a hidden treasure, But I'm in the Lord's command. Arrgh!

Navy style
I may never walk on flipper feet, Dine on Sea Horse meat (pretending eating off a plate) EUU Yuck! (Spit food out) I may never ride in a submarine, But I'm in the Lord's Navy
Blub Blub (saluting)

Australian style
I may never be called an Aussie,See a koala in a tree, (point up to imaginary tree)Jump like a wallaby. I may never see a croc, oh woe is me, (point to imaginary croc while drawing back in fear)But I'm in the Lord's army.
G'day, Mate. (point to self, then God, then tip imaginary hat)

Another American verse
I may never dress up in army clothes, Wear a helmet on my head, wear boots around my toes. But I will go where Jesus wants me to go, Cause I'm in the Lord's army. Yes sir!

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