Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Fun

On 7/29/08, we picked up Kayla to go with us to the LoneTree Park in Rocklin. Kayla's mom, the fabulous Mrs. Lanelle Stephens, invited us in for a quick meal of barbecued hot dogs, baked beans, fruit skewers, and then finished it off with a slice of her delicious homemade ice cream cake. I then took the 3 girls to the park, which is really nice, because it has both the water "spray" park and the playground, as well as large areas of field for the girls to run around and play chase. Here are my favorite pics of the evening.
Shauna and Kayla enjoy some watermelon

Staci enjoys the spraypark

All three on Staci's favorite thing at the playground: a special kind of swing; the older kids are able to stand up and make the thing swing itself; Staci has to have some helping hands push her. Kayla was happy to oblige.

The 3 cuties: Shauna, Kayla, and Staci

My girls crashed out in the back seat of the car within minutes of dropping Kayla off.

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