Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pretty Little Workers

Here's a cute pic of each of the girls while they were participating in the toy research study. Basically, it was pretty simple - they worked on a program where they clicked "GO" until four pcitures of different toys would come on the screen. They had to choose which one of the four toys they would take home with them if they could, based on what the picture looked like. There was one instance where the set of four things was: A Slinky; Silly Putty; A Conehead; and oh, I can't remember the fourth thing. Anyway, both girls chose the Silly Putty, and they both asked me what the Conehead was. I didn't know. After they went through the screens, they watched a 10 minute video in which they played commercials for the different toys. They then went through the same series of sets of pictures, and both girls changed to the Conehead, because they saw what it did in the commercial. Maybe this is a new toy that they're researching to see if it will sell? I haven't been able to find anything about it on the Internet. Anyway, don't these two look like they're ready to work?

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